ADR L2821 small format line array
ADR One large format line array
ADR JD21 subs
ADR U618 subs
ADR U118 subs
ADR U103D point source
ADR U103 point source
ADR U61 fills
ADR M1225 monitors
ADR JDM15 monitors

Meyer Mica medium format line array
Meyer Melodie small format line array
Meyer HP700 subs

SPetrak custom design point source systems

JBL VRX/ PRX systems


Avid Profile and SC48
Midas Pro and M series
APB Spectra (analog)
Midas Heritage (analog)
A full line of vintage and boutique analog outboard is available


Dolby DLP/ Lake
Meyer Galileo
XTA DP series


Full inventory of new and vintage equipment available for all backline needs.