1st Place in Asbury Park St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2014

When Asbury Audio makes a parade float, we go big! 1st place in AP St. Patrick’s Day Parade, all ADR PA of course. F unny thing is this is only about 10% of what we planned on building, but with only 8 hours to build it thanks to a week’s worth of SAFU’s we did what we could.

Special thanks to:

  • Phil Ladue, for coming up with a safe grounding system,building it with me, and assisting me in the escort/ clearance truck.
  • Steve Petrak, audio tech
  • Brain Pankos, for the beautiful 379
  • Jack Dee¬†Dermer, for not killing me when the other tractor fell thru at the last minute and he could’t drive. Next year, promise!
  • Kevin Hoffmann, A2 and official Irish looking dude
  • Debbie DeLisa, Sgt Connie,¬†Lance Larson, and all of the WonderBar/ Yappy Hour Dogs! (yes, we had 5 dogs up there, too)
  • Missy Wink, Miss Stone Pony!
  • Chris, VK, Caroline, Kyle, Bob, JJ, Moe, and all of the other Pony and Madison Marquette staff for their support.
  • Aardvark Smile, these kids ROCKED!
  • Pablo “K-So” Payoso, the Stinky Cheese. Your flag was meant to fly…..